Check Out Mike Cruz

Check Out

Mike Cruz

Age: 23

Home: La Habra, California

Sponsors: Identity Boardshop, NSS, Witness

A few years back a friend told me the legend of Kickflip Mike. The story went like this. He was skating at a school by his house, one of his many local spots, when out of nowhere this kid came rolling through ollieing up and over everything in his path. I mean a pop like you wouldn’t believe. Now, there’s a drinking fountain at that school–the thing has got to be over waist high. Well, legend has it this kid ollied over it like it was nothing. Then he went back and boosted a kickflip over the thing. I’m thinking, “If there was a kid from our own town who was that good, wouldn’t we have seen him or at least heard of him already?”

I didn’t think more about it until a couple months later. I was skating at Hughes and this kid cruised up and started ollieing over shopping carts off flat ground. I knew right away this had to be the guy my friend told me about. So I rolled over and talked to him, and he was really cool. Later that day I asked him if he really kickflipped that fountain and he confirmed it. The legend of Kickflip Mike is a true story.

Mike started skating back in 1987. He enjoys going to church, skating, playing guitar, and being a father of three. Mike would like to thank God, his family, Rick at STP, Jeremy Wray, Atiba, Andrew at Nice, the whole La Habra crew, and everyone else who has supported him along the way.–Jeremy Wray