Check Out Nick Dompierre

Nick Dompierre

Age: 17

Hometown: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Etnies, Volcom, No Problemo, and Solstice skate shop

First off, it’s absurd that the English language comes out of Nick’s mouth while he possesses the last name Dompierre at the same time. It’s rude, outlandish, and low. The French would automatically guillotine him to death if they discovered this well-kept secret. So if anyone is even reading this commentary, you can do one thing to help save his life-say the following words: “Never heard of him.”

If you want to see more of Nick’s skating in the future, then this is the key to his survival. To not be able to see his 360 flips once again would cause deep mourning nationwide. I would imagine that Nick is scared shitless at the moment and will continue to feel uneasy unless he takes the one necessary step to liberate himself. He will have to take his own life immediately to elude the French bounty hunters and their torturous methods for achieving death. I know that doesn’t follow with what I said earlier, but I changed my mind. Nick is doomed. R.I.P. Nick Dompierre.-Van Wastel