Check Out: Rodney Jones

Age: 21

Home: Baltimore, Maryland

Sponsors: Powell, Venture, Etnies, Billabong, Eastern Boarder, Dragon, Bones wheels and bearings

Interview by Preston Maigetter

What’s up with B-more?

It’s great. I can’t wait to go back, there’re spots hidden all over the city.

I heard someone called you Teen Wolf the other day. Why is that?

Some say my neck is a little hairy. I catch people staring at my neck.

I know you’ve skated Landsdowne a lot. Don’t you have a lady in that neighborhood?

No way, but I heard you jumped on a whole pack of grenades there once.

What kind of setup were you rocking in the baggy-pants, small-wheels days?

Whatever was handed down. I wasn’t scared to rock 54-waist Plan B pants and Toxic 39s.

Dove told me you used to sport the business-in-front, party-in-back cut back in the day.

Hey, my dad talked me in to that. That was for him.

Does barbecue sauce fuel your skating?

Yeah, I get the extra gas I need for speed.

Any last words, Rotneck?

Thanks to everyone in B-Mo, my friends, family, sponsors, and all the people I met traveling.