Check Out Ross Norman

Check Out Ross Norman
Age: 21
Home: Santa Barbara, California
Sponsors: Status skateboards, FKD bearings, Reaction griptape, Church Of Skatan, Finesse clothing

Ross is one of those people you watch skate and you think to yourself, “I quit!” Kids will call out the tricks he busts, and I’ll have to say, “No, that was switch.” I’ll meet a cute girl and she’ll ask, “Who’s your friend?” I can usually relate to the way someone skates, but Ross is his own species.

When he’s not skating, he’s usually found rocking some of Horace Swaby’s (Augustus Pablo) dubs and cooking up some good eatin’s. Ross is a skateboard dictionary, can beat anyone at N64’s James Bond video game, and just turned 21. So come to Santa Barbara and buy him lots of drinks.-Dylan Stamat