Check Out: Ryan Parsons

Age: 16

Home: Sacramento, California

Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Venture, Lucky, Alcohol

“Hey Ryan, can I have a jelly bean?” He hears me, yet he doesn’t even look at me as he folds the bag up and puts it in his pocket.

I think most folks around expect younger people to treat them with some sort of respect. These people should avoid Ryan, unless they’d like to be ruined by a sixteen year old. I’ve seen him make adults cry on the inside.

We’ve been on tour, and Ryan recently took some time off from telling me how wack my style is to let me know my taste in music sucks. I like it, though. Ryan listens to “Big L, Sho ‘n A.G., and M.O.P.” Oh yeah, if you see Ryan somewhere, don’t come up and talk to him.¿Ron Whaley