Check Out Shane Cross

Age: 17

Home: The Gold Coast, Australia

Sponsors: Legacy skateboards, Thunder trucks, Emerica (Australia flow), Krew (Australia flow)

There’re so many things that I really know nothing about anymore. It’s hard to explain. See, there once was this kid. He wasn’t that funny and he smells bad from time to time, but he likes bikes, sleeping, and has a knack for getting under things like skin, nerves, stairs, et cetera. These are things that everyone won’t really understand. I can sit here and try to tell you that he’s going to evolve into a great writer and blah, blah, blah. Or we can point out his faults and insecurities to help make something that will be more memorable. So in conclusion, yes, I would buy another Ford Focus due to its wonderful gas mileage and American craftsmanship.-Wade Barth