Check Out: Sierra Fellers

Age: 18

Home: Kalispell, Montana

Sponsors: C1RCA footwear and apparel, Mystery skateboards, Venture trucks

First Favorite Skateboarders: Daewon Song, Ray Barbee, and Marc Johnson.

Favorite Skateboarders Now: The C1RCA Ams-Windsor James, Tony Tave, and Dennis Durrant-and Anthony Carney.

The Best Video Seen Lately: The DC Video Extended DVD.

The Best Warm-Up Spot In The World: The Blackbox warehouse.

The One Album That Never Tires: James Taylor, Greatest Hits.

The One Trick You’re Going To Have By The End Of ’05: Ride-aways only.

If You Could Meet One Person For A Day, It’d Be: Jesus.

If You Could Skate Like Anybody, It’d Be: I like skating as me.

Sierra Fellers knows how to make a dramatic introduction. My first recollection of the kid came about when he rolled rambling out of the darkness into the generating incandescent light, launching himself into the air, flipping his board over Rincon’s hubba rail, and catching a precisely flicked kickflip. A name like his isn’t scary, but there is a mystery to this kid. Although his name and manner suggest a modest man of relaxed and humble stature, his skateboarding portrays a restlessness associated with a young man figuring out life’s complexities. He says he doesn’t like drugs because they started to ruin his life; besides that, he claims that he’s perfectly capable of being an idiot while sober, if he wishes. Like Koston, Kenny Anderson, and countless other great skateboarders, his brother introduced him to skateboarding. After winning Tampa Am (both contest and best trick) in ’04, it appears he’s the type of guy who’s going to let skateboarding do his introductions. The kid ain’t out to sell nothin’, and he doesn’t have to-his skateboarding does that well enough.-Sean Peterson