Check Out: Steve Fauser

Age: 19

Home: Wheeling, Illinois/Long Beach, California

Sponsors: Sessions clothing, Accel. wheels, Emerica, Rise skate shop

First Favorite Skateboarder: Ed Templeton.

Favorite Skateboarders Now: Buddy Best, Lee Bender, Rick Eusey, and Jub.

The Best Video Seen Lately: The Middlewestern Series by Zak Arctander.

The Best Warm-Up Spot In The World: Chandler, Arizona skatepark.

The One Album That Never Tires: Reinventing Axl Rose, Against Me.

The One Trick You’re Going To Have By The End Of ’05: Back Smith, backside 180 out.

If You Could Meet One Person For A Day, It’d Be: John Lennon.

If You Could Skate Like Anybody, It’d Be: Marc Johnson.

So here you are gazing at this photo, probably asking yourself a couple of questions. Well, I’ve been brought in to help clear those up! 1. How did he get to the session? Probably not in his car since he’s broken three of them in the past two years. 2. How did he get his pants so damn tight? His mother is quite the seamstress. 3. How come I’m not jumping down stuff like that? Because you’re not a Midwest-bred beast named Steve Fauser!-Rick Eusey