Check Out – Toebee Parkhurst

Age: 18

Home: Maine

Sponsors: Black Label, Nice, Tornado, ZONE Skatepark

I first met Toebee six years ago at a public skatepark in Maine. He was four-eyed, rat-tailed, and soon became my favorite person to skate with. Since then Toebee’s grown into a well-rounded, smooth- skating chick magnet. Growing up in Maine, Toebee skated anything he could get his hands on, giving him the ability to skate any kind of obstacle with strength and composure. If you’re ever lucky enough to skate with Toebee, check out his positive attitude and incredible skating, but keep an eye on your girlfriend.

There is an intensity and passion about Toebee Parkhurst that sets him on a different path. His focus breaks down the most complex of activities, delivering with ease anything from a difficult trick to a dissertation that will make you feel as though you’ve seen the light. Toebee’s positive energy¿appreciated by his friends¿is seen in the grace of his style.