Check Out: Tyler Mumma

Tyler Mumma
Age: 21
Home: Dana Point, California
Sponsors: Emergency Black Label, Von Zipper, Type S wheels, Focus Boardshop, Lost clothing, Gato Heroi, Ace Trucks.

Next country you want to visit: I guess Japan-“Kampai!”
Tunes to get you hyped: Whatever’s a rockin’.
How you pass the time while injured: Channel surfing.
Advice for skaters with girl trouble: Start drinking-heavily!
Video part you could watch everyday and not get tired of: Sh-t, I don’t know.
Last am you saw killing it: Probably Peabody and the Android.
Ideal spring break: Girls Gone Wild Cabo.
What scares the crap outta you: Brazilians-ouch!
Daily skate crew: The buds and the bros.
Session killer: Shut up and skate!
Who hooked you up: The homeys.

Tyler started surfing at age four or five. In eighth grade, he saw some kids from the neighborhood cruising down the sidewalks, so in 2000 he got a deck and started sidewalk surfing with them. When filming on the The Lords Of Dogtown started, Tyler was a natural to double Stacy Peralta in the Dog Bowl scene with Berts on coping. He got into more traveling to skate when the fire pools happened and has been traveling to as many bowl contests as he can. Tyler has a great approach to skating, and rides with speed and ease, knowing the walls and lines naturally. This year, at age 20, he rigged his way to the Hawai’i bowl contest to see if he could win his way into the wild card. Tyler found himself first in his heat and ended up in seventh with the hardest hitters in pool skating. I’m sure he’ll make it happen and we’ll see him at the next spot somewhere, anywhere.-Lance Mountain