Check Out – Tyler Tufty

Tyler Tufty

Age: 24

Home: Washington D.C./Raleigh, North Carolina

Sponsors: Endless Grind, DVS, Accel., Krux, Electric, Matix (flow)

What do Marc Johnson, Scott Bourne, Kenny Hughes, Neal Hendrix, Mike Sinclair, Lenny Kirk, Jackson Taylor, Chalba, Reggie Barnes, and Tyler Tufty have in common? They all hail from North Carolina, where Tyler currently creeps. Originally from D.C., Tyler not only has been straight ripping the East for years, but he also holds a bachelor's degree in marketing. So he's ready to hype himself up to anyone willing to listen. Two-nine, friends, family, golf, DVDs, and football pass the time for Tufty when he's not gassing up the generator on filming missions with Fat Bob. Let's all hope that Tyler gets cast as Blue's great-grandson for Old School 2 so we get to see more of him. You're my boy, Blue!–Jason Rothmeyer