Check Out Wes Kremer

Age: 16

Hometown: Carmel Valley, California

Sponsors: Shorty’s, etnies, Fury, Ricta, Electric, Sun Diego Boardshops

Am Who Should Be Pro: Steve Shipler.

Best Rapper Of All Time: Eazy-E.

An Album That Never Gets Old: My top-25-most-played playlist on my iPod.

Celebrity To Spend A Day With: Eric Cartman.

Best Place To Crash/Couch Surf: Preebz’s House.

Dream Trip: All my best homeys in a big-ass RV driving all around Europe just skating every day-all expenses paid.

If You Could Skate Like Any Pro: John Rosenkranz.

Life Lesson Learned From Skateboarding: Have fun with whatever you’re doing.

The first time I met Mr. Wes Kremer was in our first-grade class. He was always the crazy kid who did stupid stuff, and I just followed his lead. To this day, I skate with him every single day, and every time we go skating, we have more and more fun. His mind is in skate mode at all times, even if he’s just doing something that has nothing to do with skating. When Wes steps onto a skateboard, it’s like a magical contest run, because he can do anything if he really wants to. He puts himself into this mind-set where he knows he can do something and he does it. He’s already well known around San Diego, but prepare yourself because he’s about to be known all around the world.-Marius Syvanen