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Check OutRichie BeltonAge: 15Home: Carlsbad, CaliforniaSponsors: dNA, Adio, Utility Boardshop

I’ve never been a firm believer in reincarnation, but I’m here to tell you it’s true because heavy metal is alive and well and is currently residing in Richie Belton’s body. Black leather pants? “A little tighter please.” Studded belt? “Better make ’em spikes.”

“Excuse me, do these bandanas come in a zebra print?”

You can’t make an eyeliner dark enough for Richie’s taste. Words of advice: don’t get sticky fingers with the Axl Rose-autographed Reebok pumps¿your life will be the payment. Got a problem with his torn blue jeans? I didn’t think so. At night, when visions of sugar-coated mic stands and skinny-dipping in oceans of guitar picks fill Richie’s little teased and hair-sprayed head, you’d better believe he’s planning his next attack¿so I suggest you stay out of his way¿’cause he knows it’s all about making that G.T.A.¿Jak Whiffler

Check OutMike TaylorAge: 18Home: Newbury Park, CaliforniaSponsors: Santa Cruz, Duffs

Mikey is that inner child we all wish we could bring out again. Remember the kid who jumped out of bed in the morning dying to skate, then skated all day and had fun doing it, only to be disappointed by darkness (Mikey loves the generator) and bedtime? But bedtime is just another time to think about skating. Mikey had to take sleeping pills last year because he’d visualize skating all night. Mikey has, indeed, tapped the fountain of skateboarding youth. Anybody who’s known him for five minutes realizes skateboarding is what Mikey lives for. Combine that undying desire with a charismatic, trustworthy character, loads of natural ability, and the sickest of styles, and you’ve got one of my tightest homies, Mikey Taylor. He’s reminded me how fun skateboarding can be. Thanks kid. And to everyone else¿just wait, you’ll see.¿Eric Bork

Check OutJessie Van RoechoudtAge: 22Home: San FranciscoSponsors: Rookie, Vans, Billabong, 184

Jessie’s nickname, “Van Rock Out,” is admittedly a lot easier to spell and pronounce than her real last name, Van Roechoudt, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of descriptive insight. Jessie isn’t some wild rock ‘n’ roller living on the edge. In fact, she’s a quiet, philosophical student, an intellectual observer of life¿a rare breed in the skateboard game. She rides with a style and confidence far greater than her female peers, which stands to reason because the goals she sets for herself exist independent of gender. Her talent will take her far in skateboarding, her keen intellect will take her far in life. That’s all well and good, but what I’m really supposed to be doing is hyping Jessie up. Okay, how’s this: Be on the lookout for “Rock Out” after this Check Out! A little formulaic, but it does the trick.¿Scott Pommier

Check OutCorey DuffelAge: 16Home: Walnut Creek, CaliforniaSponsors: Emerica, Hurley, Think, Venture, Diakka, Metro Boardshop

Corey Duffel is sixteen years old and he’s a skateboarder, just like you. When Corey’s not in school, he goes out street skating around his hometown, just like you. When he isn’t skating, Corey watches skate videos and looks at skate magazines, just like you. Corey knows everything about who did what, where, and in which video, just like you. Corey has a massive sticker collection, just like you. Corey likes sugary cereal any time of the day, just like you. Corey likes pizza and McDonald’s McFlurries, just like you. Corey likes his clothes dirty and his music loud, just like you. Corey likes girls, just like you (but they like him back). Corey rides for Emerica shoes, Hurley clothes, Think skateboards, Venture trucks, Metro Boardshop, and rocks Diakka watches¿maybe not just like you. Corey’s not afraid to chuck himself down a twelve-stair when he comes across one¿definitely NOT like you.¿Justin Reagan