Check Out’s, By Jesse Silvey

Check OutJesse SilveyAge: 20Home: Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSponsors: Shorty’s, Venture, Black Magic, Black Panther, Church of Skatan

There exists a philosophy that skateboarding works on a seven-year cycle. Because skateboarding is peaking in popularity right now, those who believe this philosophy are convinced that in four years the Motorolas, Mountain Dews, and Slim Jims will all forget about us. You won’t be seeing skateboarders competing on ESPN, and you won’t be able to buy our pro action figures at Toys R Us. When we go skate, skaters won’t need to be followed around by a filmer and photographer at all times, and your buddy’s stepmom won’t adore you because of your “extreme” character. We won’t have to hear old people say to us, “Skateboarder, huh? I was watching the X-Games the other evening, and blah blah blah.” Rather, our city-funded skateparks will shut down, and we’ll be back to skating the streets. We’ll be back to worrying about getting kicked out of street spots instead of worrying about wearing pads on a street course. By then, fingerboards will have gone the way of the POG, and skateboarding will be raw once again … and Jesse Silvey will be killing it!¿George Nagai

Check OutPaul RodriguezAge: 15Home: Northridge, CaliforniaSponsors: City Stars, Axion, Tensor, Monkey Grip, 118 Skate Shop, Wham Wax

Paul, could you please go a little easier on all these pros you keep beating in SKATE? It kind of gets them all depressed and drives them to the bottle. Oh yeah, and next time we shoot photos, can you try to not land everything first try? If you bail a couple times, it’ll really make everyone else feel better about themselves. One more thing … you don’t really need to skate all day, every day, do you?¿S.L.

Check OutJustin BalmainAge: approximately one-quarter centuryHome: Sydney, AustraliaSponsors: Emerica, Carhart, S.D.S. Justin Balmain is not going to be the next “big thing” in skateboarding. He simply hasn’t got what it takes. Justin can’t grasp the fact that in today’s world of competitive skateboard riding, one’s ego must drive one’s self rung by rung up the proverbial skate ladder, making sure peers and industrialists alike know about your most recent feats of daring each step of the way. No, Justin just can’t seem to tell everybody how “dope” he is, despite the apparent importance of doing so in today’s world of high-profile marketability. Like I said … Justin Balmain will not be the next “big thing” in skateboarding.¿Andrew Currie

Check OutRodrigo TeixeiraAge: 17Home: São Paulo, Brazil/Los Angeles, CaliforniaSponsors: The Firm, éS, Hurley At seven years old, Rodrigo’s parents had to move eight hours away to the big city to make ends meet for the family, and his ten-year-old brother became the head of the house. Rodrigo started skating at the age of twelve. At fifteen he traveled to the other side of the world and won his first pro contest. At sixteen he had every company asking him to skate for them. He now has sponsors and support.

Twelve months ago Rodrigo was in his room in Brazil dreaming about Eric Koston’s skating; now he appears in the éS video Menikmati alongside him. He’s seventeen now, and he has moved to the U.S. to skate and live an unthinkable dream. This would be overwhelming for most, but he couldn’t be more thankful. He wants to make the most of his talents and gifts by thanking and repaying his family and friends with what his heart’s desire provides him with. This is what Rodrigo Teixeira and skating are about sometimes.¿Robert “Tack” Street