Check Outs – Torey Pudwill

Home: Simi Valley, California

Age: 14

Sponsors: Shorty’s, DVS, Ghetto Child, Venture, Active, Skate Lab

Person you’ve been most stoked to skate with: “I’ve always been hyped on skating with the same friends I always grew up with, like Mike Barker and Scuba Steve.”

The best video is all time is: Mouse.

The one thing that gets me most psyched to skate: “Watching a good skate video or hearing a good song on my iPod. Or sitting in school and thinking about skating too much-I hate school.”

Skate posse: Mike Barker, Justin Schulte, Hayden, Scuba Steve, “and sometimes Atiba and Koston.”

First setup: “A Prime board with a little blue bird drinking a bottle of acid-it was cool.”

Dream skate session: “Skating with a lot of naked girls around or something? I don’t know.”

The best-feeling trick on my skateboard: Kickflips.

So I’m sitting here trying to think about what I should write about Torey Pudwill, and the only thing that keeps coming into my head is what Muska said about Sammy Baptista in the Shorty’s video. Something about Sammy being so good and all the pros should just sit down-something about taking his knees out. Well, that’s pretty much Torey right there. He does about a hundred tricks that I can’t do, and I just keep thinking, “I’m just gonna take his knees out.” And the worst part is … the kid’s only fourteen!-Mikey Taylor