Checkout Cody Davis

Age: 13
Hometown: Ramsey, Minnesota
Sponsors: World Industries, Globe (flow), Destructo, Bones Wheels (flow), Innes (flow), Dakine, 3rd Lair Skatepark.

Favorite beverage: Coke.
Next am who should turn pro: Dave Bachinsky.
Worst injury: Fell on a kickflip back Smith down a rail and hit my head.
Goal for skateboarding: Just to have fun and turn pro.
First thing you’d buy if you won the lottery: FJ Cruiser truck.
Next country you’d like to visit: Brazil.
Last pro you talked to: Brian Sumner.
Magazines you read other than skateboarding ones: Snowboarding magazines.
How do you feel about contests: Chill-I like to travel.
Best video part: Chris Troy, Back In Black.
Web sites you visit every day: MySpace and YouTube.
Song that is currently stuck in your head: “Man Eater” by Nelly Furtado.

Cody Davis-wow, he will surprise every time you skate with him. There is no doubt about it, this kid loves to skate. Every spot I’ve been to with him, he never seems to skate until we’re about to leave, then he pulls a banger out of nowhere. This little munchkin can pretty much skate anything-from pools to handrails-and kill it all. Cody is an all-around good kid on and off his skateboard with an awesome family, and everybody should expect a lot more from him in the future.-Justin “Figgy” Figueroa