Checkouts: David Gravette

Age: 18
Home: N.G. got evicted, so I don’t know.
Sponsors: Creature, DuFFS, Independent, Volcom, Bones
bearings and wheels, Mob, Spirit Skate Shop, SBW.
Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Silent Mike.
A band you’d pay a fortune to go see: Alvin And The
Dream skate session: D-love, DeValle, Silent Mike, Tay
Tay, I-kunz, G-rat, PBR, Potter, some babes, and that
monkey who skates from that movie.
Your all-time-favorite skate video: Dude, Where’s My
Gnar, and maybe Sight Unseen.
First pro who influenced you: Skating with Rick
Best meal you can cook: One time Brendan Klein made
eggs and I helped.
Next country you want to visit: Any-what about
Liliput? That’s where Oompa Loompas are from, I
Fallback job if skating doesn’t work: Does being a bum
who talks about how he used to skate count as a job?
Dream car: The driver’s seat is a hot tub and it runs
on happiness, and every day there is a magic
word and if somebody says it, then beer shoots all over
the place and girls come out and have a party.
Name a banging video part that comes to mind: There are
so many, but I just watched my boy Nich Kunz lay out a
banger in the Spirit video.
Christmas wish list: New hips, new ankle.
New Year’s resolution: Beat Guitar Hero on expert, and
stop asking the front desk.

David is an anomalous sage on a shred stick. Jack-of-none, he spreads globs of gnar on all things skateable. What up, ked!-Brendan Klein