Checkouts: Jeep Jakel

Hometown: Long Beach, California; Philly, Pennsylvania
Age: 32
Sponsors: Scum Skates, Emerica shoes, Autobahn wheels, NJ Skate Shop, Ol’ 84 clothing

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus.
A band you would pay a fortune to go see: Devo.
Dream skate session: Steve Faas, Peter Hewitt, Cholo, Omar, JR Neeves, William Ramirez, Blender, Lloyd Chase, DJ Cesar, Lance Mountain, Scott Clemens, Jerry Hafner.
Your all-time-favorite skate video: Kings Of Promotions.
First pro who influenced you: Lester Kasai.
Best meal you can cook: Roast pork.
Next country you want to visit: India.
Fallback job if skating doesn’t work: Networking/telephone tech.
Dream car: 1929 Duesenberg Model J.
Name of banging video part that comes to mind: Danny Way, Public Domain.
Christmas wish list: Presents for all who are needy.
New Year’s resolution: Skate faster, fall less.

When I first met Jeep, he was a little punk, and in a way he still is, but he’s not little and he goes big! Jeep is one of those skaters who would rather slam than pull a weak trick. He’s always on edge with style. Jeep’s not in it to win it, but to have a good time.-Cholo