Chris Dobstaff Good Stuff

Chris Dobstaff is a rare breed in skateboarding. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him come up the ranks for years now. He has a good style, great pop, and can be a real animal on his board. Chris is very disciplined and reserved, yet can be wild and crazy at the same time. It just depends on what mode he clicks into. You can tell when he takes his first push of the day that he truly enjoys being on a skateboard. But when it comes to landing one of his insanely hard tricks, playtime is over.

Chris is definitely someone to have on any skate trip–if you want someone who’ll skate hard ’til he has nothing left. He’ll always be the first one out of the car and the last one in–reminding the old dogs what it’s like to be young.

He’s still somewhat of a best-kept secret, but not for long. His stockpile of footage is coming out in the Osiris sequel. Then heads will surely see Chris’ skills blessing the pages of every skate magazine for years to come. Maybe Chris Dobstaff will finally get the recognition he truly deserves.–Kanten Russell


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