¿Como éStas?

¿Como éStas?Skateboard photographer Yody Morris travels to Spain and France.

Attention magazine editor:

I not so sure this is the right place for me write to but I take chance, maybe I write okay. My name Ivan Tobayadrag. I come to Americas from a small country in former Soviet state. It has always been dream to come to U.S.A. to start business for family. No state people to say I do this way or other way. America very refreshing to me and hope to get family here two soon. Here I start restaurant of Chechnyen food, but not seem so popular with California citizens so I change to more liked Mexican food.

People think is odd for I to sell Mexican food when I never even go to there. But I learn from TV in America you can do anything, so I change menu and people eat now good. A lot many people come to restaurant and have many regular eaters. I learn many things about peoples from talk them in my restaurant, they teach me English and we trade story about job, girlfriend, life, you know. This for me is best part of America, meet so many people and learn new things. My customers help me with English, and I help with health for them. It is good trade. Sometime feels like I do what they do, live small part in many lives, you know? I ask about they work, “What you do, is okay?” All job seem better than old job at sheep-shave factory. Everyone very pleasant and help much. Ivan have party at apartment and many customers come to eat prairie oyster¿Ivan’s new favorite American food. Customers say it is number-one popular food in Old West, and Ivan like John Wayne.

This is reason I must write to you and I say again sorry if wrong magazine, but I send to all skateboarding books so I can get right one. We have problem at restaurant, regular customer he is good customer but just buy food not enough. Customer is not good for me and customers’ brain health. He has come all time then I not see for months, then see again. So I ask, “Why you come all the time, then I no see for months?” This happen maybe eight months ago, now customer think I bartender like TV Cheers bar, you know? Always come in and eat¿this good but then talk about job, all customers talk about job. This customer always complain. Everybody never always happy, but better here than old country, but this customer I talk you letter about very bad for brain. I work long and hard to get to America, and very happy with small restaurant¿work is tough but not smell like sheep droppings when come home to family.

So when customer name Yody Maurice always complain about job, Ivan must find out how bad he work is. Didn’t know for long time and think the worst. Ivan see many bad jobs in America, and so Yody must have one. Ivan go to go Disneymouseland and ride Spaced Mountain. Ivan like Coke drink, but on ride I burp and come out nose this make Ivan throw up on ride. Light come on and man have to clean Ivan’s mess. I figure this must be Yody’s job and feel bad for customer, so give him free lunch. Business can not afford to do, but he always mad about job so it cheer him up. I do this couple times when he seem mad, make Ivan feel good to do good for country people who be so nice to Ivan.

Finally Yody Morris talk more, no, complain is much better word. Always complain about have to go on trip. Ivan think that to clean up puke at Disneymouseland everywhere much more bad than cut hair from sheep balls all day. But then Ivan find out customer complain about have to go Spain and France with skateboarding riders. When I find out this what make him mad, I tell him no more free food. He tell me I no understand about long plane trip every time, I tell him plane trip to U.S.A. best thing in Ivan life. He tells me I no understand. His job fly around to take skateboarding picture? I think this is very okay, no?

You do me a favor now, yes? If this is the skateboarding book who send Yody Maurice on trip, you tell him if he ever come to Ivan’s Taco Shop againn, Ivan gonna break his nose, okay?