Contestfest ’98

Between the dates July 24 and August 2, 1998 there was only one day that didn’t feature a professional skateboarding contest. The events were held back east directly following three straight weeks of European competition. We know how exciting contest articles are, but we simply ran out of steam after Europe. So as skateboarding’s contestfest raged for nearly 216 uninterrupted hours in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, we had to sit it out. Luckily for us, we have contributing photographers lurking everywhere (even rural Amish Pennsylvania), and we got the goods-if only one spread’s worth. Here’s an “extremely” brief calander and the results.

July 24-26- Woodward Skatecamp held their first professional contest in the green pastures of central Pennsylvania.July 27-29- After an entire summer of touring, the Warped Tour found its way to Asbury Park, New Jersey, where it met up with the organizers of the Vans Triple Crown and hosted the second leg of the three-part contest series.

July 31-August 2- The Goodwill Games, which were held in New York City, hosted their second-ever skate contest-the 1994 Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia being the first.


Woodward Skatecamp, Woodward, Pennsylvania, July 24-26


1. Tony Hawk

2. Bucky Lasek

3. Andy Macdonald

4. Chris Gentry

5. Phil Hajal

6. Neal Hendrix

7. Brian Howard

8. Paul Zitzer

9. Brian Patch

10. Jay Stevason


1. Tony Hawk

2. Andy Macdonald

3. Brian Patch

4. Matt Pailes

5. Billy Rohan

6. Jud Heald

7. Chad Vogt

8. Chris Gentry

9. Ryan Wilburn

10. Kareem Campbell

Goodwill Games, New York City, July 27-29

Amateur Street

1. Anthony Furlong

2. Jeff Lenoce

3. Brian Sumner

Amateur Vert

1. Anthony Furlong

2. Jesse Futsch

3. Mark Roth

Pro Street Doubles

1. Tony Hawk and Anthony Furlong

2. Aaron Astorga and Alan Petersen

3. Kris Markovich and Tim Brauch

Triple Crown, Asbury Park, New Jersey, July 31-August 2


1. Tony Hawk

2. Bucky Lasek

3. Darren Menditto

4. Bob Burnquist

5. Max Schaaf

6. Andy Macdonald

7. Pierre-Luc Gagnon

8. Mike Crum

9. Buster Halterman

10. Tom Boyle


1. Willy Santos

2. Donny Barley

3. Alan Petersen

4. Jaya Bonderov

5. Omar Hassan

6. Tim Brauch

7. Tim O’Connor

8. Mark Gonzales

9. Kris Markovich

10. Billy Rohan