Curtis Hsiang (12/04/63¿1/08/00)

Skateboarding has lost yet another beloved son. One week into the new millennium, Curtis Hsiang suffered a fatal brain aneurysm that abruptly ended his life. Poignantly, at the moment of his death he was doing exactly what he loved and lived for¿skateboarding. The news of his sudden departure has greatly shocked and saddened his family and core group of friends who had been affected and influenced by Curtis’ talented persona. He lived his life as a dedicated friend, an artist, and an impassioned skater who was always down for the cause, always getting involved.

If there was a road trip in order, Curtis was in the van ready to do the distance. A new skatepark opening? Curt was there snaking through the chaos of grinding aluminum and burning urethane. A recent pool find? Curtis was on the phone providing his crew with directions to get there. Most recently he had become involved with the City of Berkeley in the planning stages of a public skateboard park. Plain and simple, in this world of takers, Curtis was a giver who gave it his all. Blood, sweat, hippers, advice, love, compassion, honor, and respect¿it was all there with Curtis.

It’s difficult to look forward and realize that he will no longer be with us in the physical sense. I truly wish I’d had the chance to say goodbye. Curtis, you’ll forever roll in our hearts; we will ride together again in Valhalla.

Peace and eternal love.