Da Aftermath

Question: What do you get when you put twenty skaters, three DJs, three hip-hop groups, five filmers, and a crew of ramp techs from hell on a 47-passenger bus?

A. Total chaos.

B. A bus driver in the mental ward.

C. The Aftermath Tour.

That’s right, this summer the Osiris team dealt with the aftermath of the Storm’s success and decided to bring “the direct influence” to the masses. The cities that were covered with nuclear Storm fallout were New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Francisco, and Del Mar.

The formula was pretty simple: First we’d have a mind-blowing demo during the day with Jerry Hsu, Kanten Russell, Dave Mayhew, Tyrone Olson, Chad Knight, Peter Smolik, The Kasper, Dave Coyne, Adam Louder, Kevin Davis, Daxter Lussier, Geo Moya, Rodney Torres, Brandon Turner, Marcelle Johnson, Scott Pazelt, Toan Nguyen, Casey McDonald, and Pete Daily. Then we’d raise hell at the after-party that night with live performances from the Round Table MCs; Constructive Ruckus; The Fedralz; DJs Mike Czech, Smoky, Peril; and some special guest appearances by DJ Prince Paul and GrandMaster Flash.

Fortunately for us, the easy thing was setting up the tour. Getting everyone up and on the bus, however, was another story. This definitely wasn’t your average tour. Of course we did demos and poster signings, but we did it with 45 to 50 people every time. It was like bringing a large chunk of So Cal to the rest of the U.S and personifying it with what Osiris is all about¿skateboarding, friends, and music. To fully understand what really went down day to day, check out aftermathtour.com. I’ll let the pics do the rest.¿DJ Peril