Damien Bravo

Age: 23

Home: Kodiak, Alaska

Sponsors: Real, DVS, Fresh Jive, Shorty’s Hardware, Black Magic, Thunder, Spitfire, Church Of Skatan

One day while fishing in an ice hole, Eskimo Damien Bravo made a skateboard out of some wood he found near his igloo in Alaska. He began to ride it around the ice but longed to skate where the sun shines warm and the water isn’t frozen. He soon left the island of Kodiak, Alaska and swam south toward the warm waters of California. He landed in the port of Santa Barbara and has been here skateboarding ever since.

The sunny weather suits Damien well because his attitude is good and his personality is warm. Always a smile on his face, Damien possesses some of the smoothest natural skills I’ve seen from an Eskimo. Okay, maybe he really isn’t an Eskimo, but I’m stoked to see a good guy like Damien come from a place so far away and make it for himself in the skateboard world. If you see him kickin’ it with his brother in Santa Barbara, filming in L.A., or traveling around with Real, say what up, and you’ll have a new friend.–Erik Olsen


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