Daniel Shimizu

Daniel Shimizu

How old are you? I just turned nineteen.

How come you get to sleep in until noon?

Laughs ‘Cause I’m an amateur skateboarder.

Do you have a job?


Does skateboarding pay?

A little bit. Very little bit.

Enough to pay rent?

Oh, man, I wish it were enough to pay rent. I still live with my parents.

Who are your sponsors?

Foundation skateboards, Emerica shoes, Innes clothing, Venture trucks, Pig wheels, Furnace skate shop.

How long have you been sponsored for?

Altogether or by Foundation?


Three or four years, I guess.

Who was your first sponsor?

Uh, my first sponsor was a small shop by my house, but my first real board sponsor was Formula One skateboards.

How did that hook up?

I may have just sent a video to ’em. I had a friend who skated for Acme, and he kind of showed them my video.

Who was your friend?

Jason Hernandez.

Then they just called you up?

Yeah, they called me and my friend Danny up, and they just put us on.

Do you think being sponsored has helped your skateboarding?

Yeah, of course, because you don’t stress out about having a screwed-up board or screwed-up shoes. You don’t have to worry about the little things like that, just skate.

Is your goal with skateboarding to be a pro?

I don’t know. It’s everyone’s dream to turn pro, I guess. I wouldn’t mind it.

Have you talked to them about it?

A little bit, but … I don’t know.

Is it kind of awkward to talk to people about?

It’s not awkward, I’m just not sure if I’m ready, and I’m not sure if they think I’m ready.

How does that usually happen?

I have no idea. I’ve never turned pro before laughs.

Good point. Where do you live?

I live in Rosemead, California, in the San Gabriel Valley, just outside of L.A.

Do you skate with Foundation guys much?

Not really. I skate with Tony DaSilva a little bit. He lives the closest. That’s about it. I’ve skated with everyone on the team, but we don’t skate together a lot ’cause everyone’s far away.

What would you tell kids who are obsessed with getting sponsored?

Chill out! Laughs I don’t know, skate, make a video, I guess.

What’s the down side of being sponsored?

The pressure of trying to live up to being sponsored. Like, you’ll show up at a local spot, and there are all these kids saying your name in the background, and you just want to chill and cruise around. If you don’t land anything, you look like an idiot.

Do you think the pressure increases when you turn pro?

Yeah, of course. It’s a lot more pressure being pro.

Tell me your goal in life.

I don’t really have a goal, I just kind of cruise by day to day.