Danny Garcia

Interview By Shad

Who do you skate with?

Usually my friends from around here, all the dudes at Liberty Board Shop, and I skate with James Craig sometimes.

How did you get hooked up with your sponsors?

Well, right now with Habitat, I kind of called Jason Dill. You know, let him know I was interested, then I pretty much talked to everyone from there.

So it’s kind of like you knew some people and they were stoked on your skating?

Yeah, Dill’s the one who hooked me up, I think.

Who are your sponsors?

Habitat, Matix, Liberty Board Shop, Vita, Competition wheels, and Tensor.

Is one of your goals to turn pro?

Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely a goal for me to turn pro, but I’m not in a rush.

Do you think to turn pro you should come out with a crazy video part?

Definitely, at least one good video part or even two. These days you could do two or three good video parts before you turn pro because you could have a 411 part or a TransWorld part.

Do you ever get hounded for product by kids that know you’re sponsored?

Oh yeah.

Just like local kids or at demos or what?

Definitely at demos, and on tour it’s the classic, “Let me have your board, you’re sponsored.” And then around here, like, kids just show up at my house and are calling me out of nowhere because I have a little brother and it’s all his friends.

Do you feel any pressure on your skating because you’re an amateur?

No, as an am it’s like you don’t have that pressure. It’s easier because I’m not in a rush to turn pro. I can do whatever, I can chill if I want to¿not saying that I do, but I could relax and not skate for a while because there is not as much pressure as being a pro.

How many tries did it take you to do that kickflip backside tailslide kickflip out in 411?

That day it took like five tries.

That’s crazy, because you did it perfectly.

Yeah, but I tried it like three or four days before. So all together, definitely like triple digits.

So when you decide you want to do something like that, do you just keep trying it until you do it?

Yeah, I’ll just try it forever. Usually when I film something, it’ll take seriously like two hours and I won’t get it, but then I’ll go back within a week and do it really quick.

‘Cause you got the technique down?