Danny Gonzales Good Stuff

If you’re ever fortunate enough to see Danny Gonzales skate, the first thing to pop into your head might be: “That’s Danny Gonzales?!”

Yeah, he’s skinny, and yeah, he looks younger than twenty, but boil it down, and you know he’s got it good.

The ability to look at his surroundings and come up with a different equation is his greatest asset. It’s as if he thumbs through the World Wide Web Of Tricks, picking out random tricks and molding them into new, never-before-seen shapes and sizes. His constantly operational imagination yields a surplus of favorable results. The power he exhibits leaves you wondering how someone as frail as Danny could come up with the gumption that extends into photos and footage unlike anyone else. Maybe it’s the 9:00 a.m. rise, leading into a six- or seven-hour day of skating. Whatever it is, someone should liquefy it, sell it over the counter, then mix it in with your favorite smoothie for favorable results.