Daxter Lussier

Do you think coming from Idaho has made it harder for you?

It’s definitely made it take a lot longer, I think, than if I just lived in California earlier.

What do you think the reason for that is?

I didn’t even get out here ’til I was almost 21, so that right there was kind of a long wait.

How old are you now?


Have you seen local dudes pass you up because they were locals?

Yeah, I’ve seen people get hooked up a little quicker, or maybe blow up a little quicker because of who they knew. It’s not that they don’t necessarily deserve it …

It is a lot about who you know, isn’t it?


How long have you been sponsored?

Four or five years.

So you got sponsored when you were in Idaho?

Yeah, like right before I came out here.

How did you get hooked up with that?

At a CASL California Amateur Skateboard League contest.

CASL is a California thing, though, isn’t it?

Yeah, like, I drove out here for a contest with James Craig, Ryan Kenreich, and Tom Crowley. Those guys got me on Grind King and Society a long time ago.

Did they ask you right there at the contest?

Yeah, just before it started. Mario Martinez ran Grind King, and he kind of helped run CASL, too, so all the Society and Grind King guys got to skate early. I was just skating with them, and I already rode Grind Kings¿those guys just asked him to hook me up, and he did.

Who are your sponsors?

Maple skateboards, Osiris shoes, Darkstar wheels, Shorty’s hardware, Street Machine Skateshop, and Tracker trucks.

Has being sponsored helped your skateboarding progress?

Yeah, kind of. I don’t know, sometimes I think I tried harder stuff when I wasn’t sponsored. You know, you’re just with your friends, and you want to be better. Now, sometimes you do it because you kind of have to. You know what I mean? You’re just not doing for the same reasons, no matter how hard you try.

What are the reasons now?

Working toward a goal, maybe to be a professional or to get in the magazines. Everybody’s skating so well, you pretty much have to go out and get broke just to get noticed. You have to try something a little gnarlier each time.

Did you feel like there was more pressure on your skating after you got sponsored?

Not really, but now I’m starting to feel a little more pressured just with videos and having to get more photos. It’s like you’re constantly having to work toward something¿you wanna be better than your last video part. You don’t want to get in and then go right down.

What do you think about skating contests?

I like contests. I think contests are rad; they show consistency. They aren’t for everybody, you know, there’re so many rad skaters who don’t do well in contests and are just super-good skaters. But I think they’re kind of fun¿you get out there with all your friends and people you only get to see every so often. In a sense, it’s kind of like a big vacation.

Is it more important to win a contest or to have a good video part?

Everybody says contests don’t matter, you know what I mean? I would say a video part is more important.

Is your goal with skateboarding to be a pro?

Yeah, it’d be rad.

Have you talked to Maple about that?

A little bit, but it’s just kind of like, when it comes, it comes.

What has to happen to put you over the top?

I don’t know! Laughs That’s what I’m wondering. I think it’s like video parts and kids knowing who you are, so they your sponsors can sell your name. If they can’t sell your board, then it’s not gonna do much good to be pro¿whether you’re good enough to be or not, people still have to know who you are.

Do you think it’ll be different when you’re pro?


What changes?

Well, you’ve got more pressure, because now you’re selling a board with your name on it. You want to look strong to the public and your peers, so hopefully you’ll try harder and do more.

You have to keep up.

Yeah, I mean, it sucks when you’vee got people like McCrank and Rowley, who annihilate every single thing they skate. That’s the type of pressure that’s kind of sick, too¿it makes you wanna skate harder. That’s what’s fun about skating¿seeing those kinds of guys.