Deanna Templeton and Etnies;Family Album

Deanna Templeton and Etnies' “Family Album”

On a rainy Friday, October 17, Etnies hosted Deanna Templeton's first ever solo exhibition in their NYC Broome Street showroom. The theme of “Family Album” was an intimate and personal exploration of the many faces behind Etnies as seen through the lens of Mrs. Templeton. Additionally, some non-Etnies-related photography was showcased.

The house filled up quickly as 80s roller rink style dance music blared from the DJ booth and warm Pabst Blue Ribbon was consumed. By now Etnies has hosted enough shows to know that they should buy twice as much beer for their guests than the last show when they also didn't buy enough beer. But when the libations depleted, the local deli was the savior for those seeking refreshment and it wasn't long before decorative (and possible rare) Etnies shoes that were hanging by their laces from the ceiling were being yanked down by shoe fanatics and beer was being thrown about the gallery. Many of the New York area's finest fashionable hipsters, lurkers, and skaters were present as well as some of the Etnies family and a good time was surely had by all.



Deanna Templeton’s first solo exhibition, Family Album , features a new body of work that displays her extraordinary gift for photography. An intimate, personal exploration of the many different faces behind etnies, Deanna Templeton’s Family Album captures the widely diverse, yet closely bonded personalities that are the history, culture and family born of a love and passion for skateboarding.

Special guest D.J.s

Dave P. (Making Time, Flying Dragons)

JDH (Flyer Magazine)

Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space)

Beer, wine, and other fine beverages from 8pm on….

Deanna Templeton’s Family Album

Friday, October 17th

8pm –

etnies New York Showroom

337 Broome 3rd Floor

NY, NY 10002