Prior to Joeface (Joe Monteleone) and (James) Buchmann manning video #30, since 1996, the TWS video catalogue has been graced with some of the biggest names in skateboard filmmaking/videographic history. With Duets now available on DVD and iTunes, we reached out to our director alumni to get their favorites from the past three decades.


TED NEWSOME  ’96-’97

Uno (96), 4 Wheel Drive (96), Greatest Hits (97), Cinematographer (97)

Favorite TWS video? Sight Unseen. It was just such a sweet spot. For myself, I really liked shooting the 16mm film in 4 Wheel Drive.

Favorite part? Penny bank-to-chain in Uno. I think Skin filmed it. There wasn't really any craft to it but when you're documenting Tom, it doesn't matter.

Favorite Director? I have to go with my high school buddy—Jon Holland.


TY EVANS  ’97-’00

Cinematographer (97), Interface (97), Sixth Sense (98), Transmission 7 (99), Feedback (99), The Reason (99), Modus Operandi (00)

Favorite TWS video? Feedback. It came from Transmission 7 being so forgettable in my mind. We made a conscious effort to change that and Feedback sets the stage for everything after.

Favorite part? Muska/Feedback without a doubt.

Favorite Director? Jon Holland. The most rewarding part of making those videos was passing it on to Jon and seeing where he took it.



The Reason (99), Modus Operandi (00), i.e. (00), Sight Unseen (01), In Bloom (02), Free Your Mind (03), Subtleties (04), First Love (05), A Time To Shine (06), Let's Do This (07), And Now (08), Right Foot Forward (09), Hallelujah (10), Not Another Transworld Video (11), Perpetual Motion (12)

Favorite TWS video? Sight Unseen.

Favorite part? John Cardiel, Sight Unseen.

Favorite Director? Ty Evans, He was my mentor.


GREG HUNT ’00-’01

i.e. (00), Sight Unseen (01)

Favorite TWS video? Sight Unseen. Not because of me. Only because I feel like a lot of really special things came together. I made it with Jon. His support and friendship were really crucial.

Favorite part? AWS Cinematographer Project ('12)

Favorite Director? Ty Evans. He was really pushing the envelope. He's also the reason I started working in skateboarding again.



In Bloom (02), Free Your Mind (03)

Favorite TWS video? The Reason, with the Moby intro. Those titles. That video. Just an emotional rollercoaster ride of epicness.

Favorite part? Cardiel, Sight Unseen. Original ripper. Original Coors.

Favorite Director? It's all three; Jon, Ty, Greg—those are the guys. They set it all. Like Questionable ('92). They set the precedent.



Free Your Mind (03), Subtleties (04), First Love (05), A Time To Shine (06), Let's Do This (07)

Favorite TWS video? Modus Operandi.

Favorite part? Marc Johnson, Modus Operandi.

Favorite Director? Jon Holland.


CHRIS RAY ’08-’11

And Now (08), Right Foot Forward (09), Hallelujah (10), Not Another Transworld Video (11)

Favorite TWS video? Overall, Modus Operandi. Favorite I made was N.A.T.V.

Favorite part? Muska, Feedback. Can't go wrong with Ty and the Muska.

Favorite Director? Three way tie. Ty, for pushing everything, Holland for the behind the scenes and editing, and Hernandez just for being such a damn good filmer.



Perpetual Motion (13), Outliers (14), Substance (16), Riddles in Mathematics (17)

Favorite TWS video? Modus Operandi or Sixth Sense.

Favorite part? Josh Kalis/Stevie Williams, The 6th Sense. That was the part that made me fall in love with TWS videos.

Favorite Director? Greg Hunt. Other names are coming into my head now but Greg's was the first.



Huge thanks to each and every one of the alumni for their labors of love. Skate and Create.