Dream Team -All Big Man Team

Dream Team 21#5

Being big means more than one thing. Imagine that.

We say this with all certainty because of your picks for this month’s Dream Teamers, the tremendous gentlemen of the All Big-Man Team. Some of these fellas have the height, some have the big muscles, some have the width, stand-up steeze, and lank, but only a few are out-and-out giants—people you’d confidently label “big men.”

Oh, well.

I suppose it’s true that all of these maple-flexing Andres possess at least one of the massive attributes associated with the Big & Tall crowd—proof found on the trail of pulverized bearings, trucks, and flat-spotted wheels they’ve left behind. And now, looking at the roster, it’s clear that even the shorter and skinnier of these immense skaters have contributed plenty for us average folk to gawk at as we struggle awkwardly around the lower portions of the measuring stick.

Thanks guys, and don’t forget about the little people.

All Big-Man Team


Brian Anderson

Andrew Reynolds

Arto Saari

Tony Hawk

Mike Vallely


Jamie Thomas

Heath Kirchart

Ron Whaley

Kenny Hughes

Neil Blender