Gas Bag Winter Issue 2002

Does Time Matter?

The history of the calendar dates back to an era when time wasn’t relative. Time didn’t matter. Life revolved around the seasons. The original Roman calendar didn’t even use twelve months, and it wasn’t until the eighth century B.C. that the Romans decided to add the eleventh and twelfth months. Based upon the lunar cycle of 29.5 days, twelve months equalled 354 days, so in order to keep the seasons falling in the same months from year to year, a thirteenth month was added periodically to make up for the lost time.

As a tribute to the old world, this volume (Number 20) has thirteen issues. Not meant to confuse or make an argument for a thirteenth month (unless it means a month of vacation fully paid to the destination of your choice), but to make our magazine cover date more timely.

This issue spans both time and space. Inside you’ll find a timeless piece about a forefather of skateboard photography James Cassimus (known for capturing the first ollie by Alan Gelfand on film). Sit shotgun with Chad Muska on a coast to coast road trip while he talks about his upcoming Muskabeatz album, set out on an adventure with Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart as they search for the perfect spot and the perfect game, and follow along with the collective genius known as the à‡S team on a recent trip to Germany.

If that wasn’t enough of a span, Lance Mountain shares more of his historic trinkets collected over the past decades.

Here’s to another span of time. Although time is relative, nothing matters after that first push.-Eric Sentianin