Gasbag 17-12

For a few weeks I’ve been trying to come up with an angle for this Gasbag column, which is of course (if you haven’t realized by now) the intro to our Australia Issue. Like any other issue, this one’s filled with words and photos, but unlike most, our main goal in producing a magazine full of images and information about a far-off land was to motivate you to travel. If we can make Australia seem like an inviting place, you’d want to go, right?

A few ideas bounced around my head, all were an attempt to capture what Australia is about. My first idea was to write down everything that came to mind when I thought of Australia; when I was finished I had 56 thoughts on the page, the top five of which were old friends, new friends, seeing the Milky Way for the first time, the Sydney golf-ball hailstorm, and hope for the future. My second idea was about traveling.

One of the best trips you could ever wish to take is to Australia. As a skateboarding country, it’s second to none. There are over 150 skateparks, all of the major cities have healthy street-skating scenes, and to top it off, most of the massive continent has good weather year-round. Another plus is that Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore endless spring and summer is only a plane flight away. So, if winter and its endless video watching has started to get you down, maybe it’s time to start planning a trip to the other side-not the dark side, but the light side.

There are two phrases in Australia commonly heard in daily conversation-they are “too easy” and “no worries.” Both capture what Oz is all about-a place of optimism, growth, and a laid-back lifestyle with no hassles. This is the Australia Issue, dedicated to all the Australian skateboarders around the world-those in the north and them in the south … you little beauties.