Girl Skateboards’ first annual B-ball Tourney-the world is watching.

We are fools.

As skateboarders, our entire lives are spent bucking authority and traditional team-sport-like anything, and as soon as the chance arises, what do we do? We play traditional team sports.

Basketball has so deeply infiltrated the f–k-everyone collective of the skateboarding establishment–thanks to an embarrassing group hug with highly technical footwear, triple-mesh shorts, and ESPN fallout–that when an opportunity arose to battle NBA-lockout withdrawal symptoms, 24 teams jumped at the chance to participate in Girl Skateboards’ First Annual Two On Two Basketball Tournament.

The fall ASR trade show in San Diego was the spot for all this foolishness, and it attracted a who’s who of skateboarding’s elite–Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Ned “Peanut” Brown, Jeff Tremaine, Sal Barbier, Kareem Campbell, Fabian Alomar, Ken Block, Mark Gonzales, and a cluster of lesser known, but equally foolish skateboarders–fell and stumbled around the half-court scenario, managed to sink the occasional arcing three or off-balance fade away, and got all sweaty atop the roof of the San Diego Convention Center. Call it sports envy, call it stupid, or call it whatever small words your cool friends can mumble and mispronounce, the point is this: skateboarders will never do what’s expected of them and will always know how to have fun–even if it means not skateboarding at all.

Fools? Maybe, but we’re the fools the entire world is watching–waiting to see our next move so they can make it theirs. This last one should throw them for a loop.–Kevin Wilkins