Good Stuff – Chad Fernandez

When I was a freshman in high school, my friend Alex and I used to ditch fifth and sixth periods so we could beat the traffic in Los Angeles and get to Transitions Skatepark before the after-school rush. One guarantee about the park was that Chad Fernandez was sure to show up. Back then he seemed to be about a foot tall. His helmet looked bigger than his whole body. But one thing was unmistakable: Chad had it dialed. Not only the park, but skateboarding in general.

Just about the time the park closed, I went to a C.A.S.L. contest with my friends Jason and Danny. After the contest, Jason invited Chad to roll with us to 7th Street. To this day, I still remember that as one of the funnest sessions I’ve ever had. That’s how Chad is¿super fun to skate with. Sometimes I think he gets more stoked when he sees someone else do a trick than if he had done it himself.

Those of you who’ve had the opportunity to witness Chad’s skating over the last few years know that he has made a smooth transition from amateur to pro, but he hasn’t let his status as a skateboarder affect how he treats his friends. No matter what goes down, he’s always got your back, and we all know that’s a rare quality these days.