Good Stuff: Rob Pluhowski

Mr. Robert Pluhowski is not an avid drinker, but when he does decide to tip back the devil’s juice, I fear for his life. He always winds up outrageously bent, and when it comes time for him to settle down for the night, he sets up camp in the shower. He is instantly comatose with the water running full-blast into his breathing apparatuses. More than once I’ve had to break down the bathroom door only to find him sleeping in a full tub, using a bar of soap as a pillow and dome-piece flotation device.

All I’m saying is that this kid likes to sleep in the shower when he’s drunk, and if anybody out there is willing to donate a snorkel to Rob for his sleeping-in-water hobby, he will gladly live a longer life, thanks to you. In return, he will continue to dish out the good stuff on your behalf for the goodwill of all mankind.

I broke my wrist the other day and it sucks.

I’ve also seen Rob do some cool tricks a couple of times. That’s why he is an official Habitat Ruff Ryder and part of the Vita rubber, leather, and glue hoof-covering company. Look at the photos of Rob, because he sticks his tongue out when he does tricks, and you can probably see it.

Prepare, for the dolphin wars will soon come. Arm your dorsals.¿The Tim O’Connor