Heath Kirchart Pro Spotlight

To start this thing off, we have to let you know Heath did not want to be interviewed. When asked why, his answer was short and concise, “Kids just want to look at photos.” So it was agreed that his Pro Spotlight would have no interview, just page after page of skate photos.

A good way to explain Heath’s personality is to compare him to the character Kato in the old Pink Panther films. Kato was the butler of Inspector Clouseau, who would randomly ambush his employer. The two beat each other with household objects and generally wrecked whatever was in the way of their battle. At the end of the fight, they would brush each other off and go about their daily business as if nothing happened. When hanging out with Heath one gets used to the random ambushes, screaming attacks, and general mayhem the 21 year old is capable of.

On the other hand, when it comes time to skate, you quickly notice another side of Heath’s personality. He becomes extremely focused on what he’s about to do yet is easily distracted by everyday things. The blowing of the wind, black cats crossing his path, and even the sound of a pin dropping could stop Mr. Kirchart at the last second from doing whatever he’s about to attempt on his skateboard. And the second he’s done (whether or not he got the job done) he regains his wildman personality.

In the event any of you come into contact with Heath, we would advise you to keep your distance because close contact can be hazardous to your well-being.