Hermosa Bowl Contest

Hermosa Bowl Contest by Remy Stratton

This contest impressed me because whoever schemed the event had a vision of the ultimate scaffold system. Being a bowl contest located on the sand of L.A.’s Hermosa Beach, one might’ve asked, “How will we be able to see?”

The bowl wasn’t in the ground; it was above the surface. So walking toward the event one saw grandstands, judge tents, VIP tents, and media and food areas that were fifteen feet off the ground–and those were just the low areas. The top row of seats in the stands was 40 feet up. So being a mechanical freak, some trinket geek, and sucker-for-design boy, I tell ya, I was in hog heaven. It’s possible this effect was felt by many, because I saw a lot of smiles as women sunbathed, breezes blew stress away, and clouds made for a nonglare atmosphere.

Gabrielle Reese played some rounds of volleyball, the Pennywise crew paid a visit to their hometown scene, the beach boardwalk became a fleshy rush hour, and parking was a bitch.

The skateboarding, the skateboarding, what about the skateboarding? It was insane. Things were happening, people were exuberant, ecstatic, spastic–the scaffold roared like a bullfight. Not to mention the BMXers, who did some very high ariel maneuvers.

All the riders were chill and everything ran smoothly. The next day the beach regained its composure as little lapping waves tickled the seashore.