While the ollie is the cornerstone of almost every skateboard trick imaginable, the backside flip is the cornerstone of almost every good skate video imaginable. When done right, it’s one of the most buttery tricks in the business.


1) Allow yourself to go as fast as possible.

2) Allow a good smack on the tail piece.

3) Allow all thoughts on the flick.

4) Allow full pinnacle extension on your front foot.

5) Allow wings to be spread, and always fly as high as possible.

6) Allow more weight on your back foot while catching your flick, and keep those wings spread.

7) Allow your wings to guide you throughout your epic flight path.

8) Allow your weight to be centered.

9) Allow yourself to touch the sweet ground with all four wheels.

10) Allow your head to start turning to a direction of which you are flying and see.

11) Allow your shoulders to come back around.

12) Allow euphoric feelings to come to your head while you are riding away, and do it again many times a day.-Arto Saari