How to Frontside Crooked Grid To Fakie With James Craig

James admits this trick happens pretty naturally on a bank-to-bench, but when you’ve got front crooks on lock like he does, we’re sure it comes pretty naturally on anything. You’re about to get taught by a real crookie connoisseur-you know this one’s been aged to perfection.

1. For frontside crooked grinds to fakie, have your shoulders parallel with the obstacle and your front foot just below the front bolts.
2. Approach with comfortable speed and at a slight angle, ollie, and start to shift your weight to your front leg.
3. Lock into the crook by pressing down most of your weight on the ball of your front foot at the bend of the nose.
4. Let your back foot rest lightly on the tail and push away from the obstacle slightly.
5. Shift your shoulders, and spin backward a little to fully lock into the crook.
6. Start to shift your weight to your back leg, and take the pressure off your front foot.
7. Let your shoulders continue to rotate until you come back in fakie.
8. Center your weight as you approach the ground, with your feet over the bolts, and roll away.-James Craig