The first thing you need to be able to do, is push and roll. Push with your back foot with your front foot near the bolts of your front

truck (or opposite of that if you like being laughed at and called Mad Mongo Max).

Second, you need to be able to take a little pain. If you’re gonna give up because you fell on your knee and scraped your hip a little, then don’t bother. Falling is part of skating.

Now that you can push and you don’t mind the sight of your own blood, we start with the ollie.

1) Start with your front foot a little behind your front bolts, and your back foot on the tail.

2) Now crouch down like you’re hiding from security, ’cause you just stole a new PSP.

3) Next, jump up while pressing down on the tail of your board, while raising your front knee and foot at the same time.

4) Then drag your front foot up the griptape toward the nose, while lifting your back foot upward. This should level out your board.

5) Finally, just land and roll away while throwing the horns and hailing Satan.

6) Now you have all the necessary tools to ollie to nosegrind your

first 40-stair quadruple-kink handrail.

Good luck and don’t give up!-Pat Duffy