Hundred-Dollar Bearings!?Hundred-Dollar Bearings!?

A hundred-twenty bucks is enough to get a complete skateboard. So why would anyone spend a fat stack of 120 dead presidents on bearings? I’ll tell you why. The Bones Swiss Ceramics are frickin’ fast. Apparently, Bones discovered something called “Purity Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls,” which mean “fast as f–k.” Now, if you’ve got the cash, these seem to be the butta-smooth babies to put in your ride. They’re lighter, should last longer, and of course, are faster than a skateboarder being chased by the fuzz. I’ve even heard that annoying butt-boarder Biker Sherlock spends all his cash on these ceramic bearings. This probably explains why Biker hasn’t invested in a much-needed dentist or a haircut.


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