Imperial Conquest

It seems like Australia has as many skate spots as it has kangaroos. This past winter (Australia’s summer), the Imperial teams Maple, 151, Dynasty went on a tour to this blasting hot continent. With boards in hand and sunscreen in back pocket, we set out to skate as many spots and parks as possible.

After flying for what seemed like a week, we finally arrived and met up with Spur Distribution’s main man Rich Celm and Slam magazine’s photographer extraordinaire Dave “The Gambler” Adair. Most of us had never been to Australia and were excited for what lay ahead over the next 22 days. We jumped in a couple of vans and headed to Rich’s house for a few days. His roommates and a few locals welcomed us with a super nice barbecue. For the first two days we hung out at the pad, gave surfing our best try, and enjoyed the company of our distributor and new-found friends.

Then the tour was on. We loaded all our shit in the van, grabbed a few slabs (cases) of drinks, and were on our way. Rich, our “don’t be afraid” tour guide, had scheduled several demos, pretty much a demo a day, along with a lot of driving. All of the shops were super cool. We’d pass the time on the van with slabs of Vitoria Bitter and nudie mags, our very own sin city.

Day after day, we skated some of the world’s best cement parks and loved every second of it. Even when a demo was over, or we had a day off everybody was ready to find a new park or skate spot. We even got to fly over to Tasmania for a demo and to skate the West Hobart bowl. This caveman-style park was one of everybody’s favorites.

Australia is definitely one of the best places to visit and skate. All in all, between the endless skateparks, good people, great fishing, and beautiful beaches, this place is a go.