Interview with Greg Lutzka

Where are you from, Greg?

I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin–the cheese state.

Are you a cheesehead?

Not really. I'm not too into it.

You're not a Packers fan?


What was it like growing up in Wisconsin?

It was cool 'cause summertime is a lot of fun–I got to skate outside with friends. The winter is a little harsh, though. Had to go to the indoor park. We just looked forward to summer. It was pretty cool growing up with all my friends and stuff.

Do you still skate with all your friends back home?


Who do you usually skate with?

I skate with Marcus Divine, John Bunch, Mike Grobke, Ben Vance, all my homeys from Milwaukee.

Who got you into skating?

Well, when The Turf skatepark was closing down, I was about ten years old, and I just found out about skating. My dad got me a skateboard for my birthday–I was really hyped. Then I just really got into skating after that. I pretty much quit hockey and just started skateboarding all the time.

Who are your sponsors?

Illenium skateboards, Spitfire wheels, Independent trucks, Hurley clothing, and Globe shoes.

How long have you been sponsored?

I've been sponsored for two years now. My first sponsor was Beer City skateboards out of Milwaukee. They were really good to me–they sent me down to Tampa. I wanted a step-up, so I got on Illenium, and everything's been goin' good so far.

Do you skate with Al Partenen a lot?

Yeah, I skate with him, Ruben Garcia, Mike Peterson, and Steve Force.

Has Al taken you to any gnarly pools?

I haven't gone with him yet, but I want to go and scope it out. Al's pretty gnarly.

How did you originally get noticed? Did you make a sponsor-me video?

Beer City heard about me when I was in Milwaukee and called me up. I sent them a video, and they sent me to Tampa. Then I wanted to get hooked up on Illenium, so I sent them a video and they were psyched and hooked me up. Everything's been goin' good since.

What's your favorite skate video?

Plan B's Questionable.

Do you think you'll ever turn pro?

I plan on going pro this year, actually. I'd like to enter the Tampa Pro, go to Australia, and then to Vancouver to see how I'll do. If it goes good, I want to go pro–definitely.

If you do turn pro, would you wear your own T-shirt?

(Laughs) That's kind of a funny question. If they send it to me, I'm sure I would. Yeah, some Lutzka tees (laughs).

What role do contests and demos play in skateboarding?

To some skaters, it plays a major role. Some are full contest skaters, and others don't even care about contests. I like to do good in the contests, but I also love to skate the streets. I'm more of a street skater.

Do you like to skate trannies, too?

Oh, yeah. I like to skate parks, too. But when I'm filming or I'm shootin' a photo, I'd like it on street.

How many boards can you ollie?

(Laughs) Probably like six or seven.

Do you know who Jay Adams is?

Jay Adams. No, I don't actually. Do you mean Jason Adams?

No, Jay was an original Dogtown ripper who was shredding pools with Tony Alva when he was thirteen back in the 70s.

Oh, yeah. I think I've heard of him. I never met him, though.

I think he just got out of jail. Just watch the Dogtown And Z Boys movie.

I'll have to check it out.

If you could be a pro skater from any decade, who would you be?

I'd be Christian Hosoi (laughs). Just 'cause he's pretty sick. He's got the flair.

Who was the first person to do a kickflip?

I don't know. Was it Kris Markovich? No, he was the first person to kickflip the Carlsbad gap.

It was Rodney Mullen.

Rodney Mullen. Oh, shit.

Which ams are going to be the next wave of pros?

Caswell Berry–just won Tampa Am. Dennis Busenitz, Austin Stephens, and Chris Cole.

What do you use for injury remedy?

I haven't gotten hurt that much this past year. This (pointing to cast on arm) has been my most recent injury.

What happened to your arm?

I broke my finger. I was skating this rail off this loading dock. It was low to get on, but once you got on, it was pretty high. I 50-50'd it, and then I wanted to Smith grind it. I locked into it and somehow got stuck. I didn't want to rack myself on it, so I flew forward, and then my hand hit the ground. I thought I just jammed it, but I went to the doctor, and he said it was broke (laughs). It kinda sucks.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to heavier stuff when I'm skating. I don't know–some Guns N' Roses or something to get me hyped. Then when I'm chillin' or cruisin' in my car, I'll listen to some Jurassic Five or some mellow beats and stuff.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I'd like to be a professional skateboarder, you know? Just skating everything. I'd like to keep doin' what I'm doin' now.

Do you want to thank anybody?

I'd like to thank my mom and my dad for all the support, all my sponsors, and my friends back home.