Interview with Mike Hastie

What's up, Mike? This is Shad over at TransWorld.

What's up, dude?

What are you up to?

Nothin', just chillin' out at Galea's. What are you up to?

Workin'–tryin' to get this interview done.

Interview time.

Yep. The last time I saw you, you were getting thrown out of a club by some bouncers. Do you remember that?

(Laughing) Yeah.

You asked me if you should get onstage, and I said, “Yeah.”

I asked if you'd write about me in TransWorld if I did it, and you were like, “Yeah, yeah.”

Well, here's the chance.

Oh, really? (Laughs) Oh, shit.

What happened after you jumped onstage?

The bouncers threw me out, and one of my buddies watched out for them, and I just ran back with a hood over my face (laughs). I was back in there, for sure.

Where are you from? Vancouver, right?

Yeah, I'm actually from Radner, B.C.

Is that where you're livin' right now?

I actually just got a place out here. In March, we're moving to Huntington Beach, California.

A Canadian invasion of sorts?

Yeah, for sure.

It's gonna be the Canadian house, eh?

Yeah, it's gonna be pretty crazy. It's me, Paul Machnau, and Bill Weiss.

Oh, shit. Digital house–that's pretty funny.

Digital invasion.

Now for some standard questions: How long have you been skating for?

Since I was in grade seven–seven years now.

How'd you get hooked up with Moses (Itkonen) and the RDS guys?

Just from skating my hometown park. Moses and Colin (McKay) used to always come around. I went to a contest they hold yearly in North Vancouver–RDS skate shop always puts on a contest at this indoor park. I did well in the contest, and they put me on. In the contest, I was actually wearing a Boarding House shirt that had a big rip in it. Moses was like, “What's up with Boarding House? Are they not hookin' you up?” And I was like, “No, they're not.” So he put me on the team. Stoked.

Do you have any crazy Vancouver or Red Dragons stories?

Do you remember that one RDS/FSU/2001 commercial we just had in 411–the one with the singing, “Why can't we be friends … “?


Well, we were takin' a bar off this ledge to skate it, and this dude from a nearby hotel came out with his two small friends to fight Moses. They told Moses they were gonna shove a board up his ass. Moses was like, “Yeah, you want to shove this board up my ass?” He held his board out to the one hotel guy and the guy totally backed down. Then this big scuffle broke out beside the hotel–it was crazy.

What was the first skate video you watched that got you hyped on skating?

It was so long ago–I didn't even skate then, but my cousin showed me that Animal Chin video. I stole it from him and watched it all the time when I was super young (laughs). All my older cousins used to skate. They kinda got me into it, I guess.

Who are you skatin' for nowadays?

Darkstar Wood, RDS skate shop, Momentum wheels, Independent trucks, Vans shoes, and Dragon Optics.

Which ams do you think are killin' it right now?

Ryan Smith, obviously. One of my friends from back home–Sean Hayes.

What non-Canadian ams are killin' it right now (laughs)?

Chris Cole–he should be f–kin' pro. That new little kid from Flip–what's his name, Danny Cerezini? I can't remember–there're so many people.

Do you know who Jay Adams is?<

Jason Adams?

No, Jay Adams.

No, I don't know who he is.

He was an original Dogtown ripper.

Oh, that's cool.

Who was the first person to do a kickflip?

I don't know, man (laughs).

All right. Can you drop in on vert?

Yep. I actually dropped in on the Volcom vert ramp the other day. I'm willing to skate vert, but I just don't have pads. I'm pretty scared of it, though.

Who are three of your favorite skateboarders?

Colin McKay, Eric Koston, and Gary Robinson.

Who's Gary Robinson?

He's a guy from Canada who got kicked off Foundation. Dude, he's the f–kin' best. He doesn't care about skating, he just does it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I don't know, man. Hopefully still skating.

If you went pro, would you wear your own T-shirts?

Would I wear my own T-shirts (laughs)? What with my face on it? No, I probably wouldn't.

Is there anyone you want to thank?

I'd like to say thanks to my family, Peter Sullivan and Moses at RDS, Aaron at Dragon, Joey at Indy, Vans, and everybody at Momentum.