Jake Nunn Interview

Jake Nunn
Interview by Joel Patterson

Where are you originally from?
Austin, Texas.
Why did you move to San Francisco?
Because that's where Think's based. Me and my friend just though we should go out there, because of Think, and because we were sick of Texas.
How old were you when you moved to S.F.?
Was it a huge change from Austin?
San Francisco is kind of a big change, just because of the people. There's a whole lot of freaks in the City; there's a whole lot of freaks that stand outside your house all day and ask for money. You know, crazy people.
Where in the City do you live?
I live downtown, like Fifth and Harrison.
So, people just stand around in front of your house?
Yeah, the same heroin addicts every day. That took some adjusting to get used to. You learn to be more tolerant and to just ignore people.
How long have you lived in the City?
I've only lived here for about nine months.
Who do you live with?
A guy named Patrick who films for Think, and a friend of mine named Joey. They're both from Austin. We all moved out here at different times and somehow ended up moving in together.
Which spots have you been skating?
The Presidio rail, the New Spot's a good little warm-up spot, and Harrison bumps. I like to cruise through the Mission, too. In South San Francisco there's a bunch of fun hidden spots.
Are you talking about like the Daly City area?
Yeah, there's a bunch of weird spots that a lot of people don't go to–stuff you gotta look for.
Do you find yourself getting hassled by security guards a lot?
Actually, no. I don't go downtown to skate much–it's too hard. If you find something downtown, you'd better do it right then. So I've been trying to avoid that whole thing, and I'm concentrating on finding schoolyards and deserted spots.
What makes San Francisco different from other cities?
There're no extremes in the weather–that's a big difference. I'm from Texas, where it's 100 degrees in the summer and in the 30s during winter. Also, the size of S.F.–it's so big. There's an endless amount of stuff to skate. People have been searching S.F. for at least fifteen years, and they're are still finding stuff all the time.
What city compares to S.F.?
There's no other city that has hills like S.F. The craziest hills.
How long do you plan to stay?
As long as I can handle it.
Do you have any good freak stories?
There's this guy, Big Ed, he's out in front of my house every day. He's there at 8:00 in the morning, and he stays until about 5:00 every night. He stresses out so hard that he grabs the rim of a trash can and rubs it until the paint comes off. He mumbles and twists his knotty dreads. Once I was at the bank cashing my check, and he was there, cashing his check, too. It's weird.