Jerry Hsu Interview

Jerry HsuGenius. Effortless.

With all the hype around the millenium, do you think something will happen on New Year’s Eve 1999? I doubt anything will happen.

Do you have anything planned for that night, or are you gonna wait and see what happens? I’m just gonna wait. It’s going to be a night like no other.

Who are the most important skaters of the 90s? Marc Johnson, Rodney Mullen. There’re so many people.

Do you know who Alan Gelfand is? Yeah. He invented the ollie.

How do you want to go down in skateboarding’s history? I’d want to be remembered as someone who didn’t just keep on doing the same thing. I guess some people go down in history for a signature trick, or something that they did all the time. I want to go down as someone who just kept doing something new.

Who do you think is going to change skateboarding in the future? I’d say Chris Dobdstaff. He’s from San Diego; he rides for Osiris.