Justin Eldridge, First Impressions

First Impression

Justin Eldridge

It's funny how you can be skating with your friend and all you notice is how unstoppable they are. No matter how bad the cracks are or the angle of the runway, they're still able to attack a spot.

I witnessed this when I went skating with Justin Eldridge. It was a normal Saturday, Scuba Steve, Eric Koston, Mikey Taylor, and I decided to go to these rails. Scuba told us he'd called Justin to come meet us. I've met Justin before, but I've never seen him skate.

He warmed up with the basics, and without cameras, he switch salad-grinded the rail, which was impressive in itself. Then out of nowhere, he switch frontside bluntslid the rail. For the next hour he did a roll call including a switch flip frontside boardslide, a switch backside lipslide, and just when you were wondering if he can skate regs, he did a nollie nosegrind, a pop shove-it nosegrind, and a nollie heelflip noselide. I almost forgot to mention the nollie frontside boardslide.

Justin made one of best first impressions. He had all of us looking at each other wondering if he'd ever stop, and he only did when the sun went down.–Atiba