Kurtis Colamonic

Kurtis Colamonico

Age: 19

Home: Long Beach, California

Sponsors: Furnace, Clive, Nixon, S-One, Billabong, Circa (flow), Sushi wheels, Project hardware

Kurtis is one of the most naturally talented skateboarders. He can do just about anything–just tell him to try a trick and within a couple of tries it’s done. He’s one of those people who’re enjoyable to watch, not only because he’s amazing, but because he can sometimes spaz out, which is hilarious to see. For the longest time all Kurtis would ask me was, “When can I get one of those ‘Wheels Of Fortune?’ When, when?” Well, now it’s finally out, and you can see him in person. Don’t forget to ask him about his tattoo.–Dave Rael-Brook


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