Last Word – Rob Dyrdek

Last Words-Rob Dyrdek

Last shoes you bought:

Tiger Woods golf shoes.

Last time you were robbed:

Two days ago.

Last time you lost consciousness:

I can’t recall, but I’m sure it was liquor-induced.

Last movie you saw:

Kiss The Girls.

Last person you said “I love you” to:

My sweet mother, Pat Dyrdek.

Last spot you skated:

The Shit Ledge.

Last time you exceeded 100 miles per hour:

Fifteen minutes ago.

Last time you tried to speak a foreign language:

Two weeks ago, when I dreamt I was a Mexican prison guard.

Last letter you wrote:

I don’t think I’ve ever written one.

Last fight you were in:

About a month ago. Bo Turner stepped up and got knocked the f-k out.

Last thing you ate:

Bo Turner, for lunch.

Last book you read:

Winning At Casino Gambling: Merry Christmas.

Last thing to happen that changed your life:

A stranger was in my room while I slept.

Last time you felt hate:

When I found out there had been a stranger in my room while I slept.

Last time you saw a doctor:

Two weeks ago-blown-out ankle that just wouldn’t heal.

Last thing you stole:

A blond wig off a stupid girl’s head after she slapped Kelly Bird in the face.

Last music you bought:


Last time you had to deal with the police:

Two days ago when they told me they couldn’t call it burglary if there’s no sign of forced entry.

Last time you were afraid:

Two days ago when I woke up and realized I’d been robbed.

Last trip you took:

Back home to frolic with the Pekins.

Last major purchase you made:

A home security system.

Last person you spoke to on the phone:

The number-one suspect in my burglary investigation.

Last magazine you bought:

Guns & Ammo.

Last time you voted:

Robert Culpepper for class president.

Last time you discussed politics:

That whole cigar issue involving the President.

Last time you acted totally impulsively:

Realizing my golf fantasy by buying every golf thing possible.

Last injury you sustained:

Blown ankle after blown ankle.

Last charity you gave to:

Charity De La Dirt.

Last time you gambled:

Yesterday. Kenta took me for fifteen dollars on the golf course.

Last time you did something you didn’t want to:

Staked out the house of my number-one suspect.